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Friday - El Ocotal

We had a great breakfast to start our day with eggs, beans, tortillas, yogurt and cereal, among a few other items. The trip lasted about an hour and was mostly on paved road, as we were traveling through the secure hydroelectric dam compound, which is guarded by the military. We took a brief stop along the road at an overlook above the dam.

El Ocotal is located in the area of El Cajon and has 50 families. There is running water in the community. The nearest health center is 26km (16 miles) away. Eighty percent of the children have trouble with parasites. All the houses use wood stoves and some are in the home and not vented, hence a high occurrence of respiratory problems. Most births occur at the hospital.

It was a humid day in El Ocotal, so a hot one for the clinics, but productive. The staff who work these communities throughout the year were able to catch up with existing patients, especially those who are part of the Extended Care Program.We ended the service day with a stop for ice cream and a relatively brief time of organizing and inventorying medicines and supplies.

This is one of the hardest days to me, and I believe for others on the visiting team, not because of the work; but because the end of the day leads to saying goodbye to new and existing friends. It also means leaving knowing that there is yet work to be done. I’ll go out on a limb here and say that if you are lead here by Him, you will leave with a heart for the people of Honduras; and whether you return or not, that impact will not be lost on you.

Karen gave devotion and Dave gave his cross to Nury this evening.

General (medical) clinic – 143 patients

Deworming – 89 treatments

Vitamin A – 38

Fluoride Treatments – 21

Eye Clinic – 24 patients

Dental clinic – 19 patients

Extractions – 24

Fillings – 8

Extended Care Referrals - 4


R Scott Williams

for the Danville 2014 Team

Ronnie Dillon

Judy Szulecki Bunin

John and Susan Crews

Karen Haley

Judy Hartman

David Helton

Deedee Jamison

Amy Keesee

Don Merricks

Larry and Emily Ratliff

Paul Settle

Lorie Touart

Robin Williams

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