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Friends of Barnabas believes that all people in Honduras should have access to quality healthcare. We exist to improve Honduran healthcare outcomes through system-wide care and education.

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Healthy Kids   

Healthy Kids was developed for children whose medical needs go beyond what their parents can provide.

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Healthy Communities

Health is promoted in communities through assessments, health education & training, and clinics provided by Mountain Medical Teams.


Healthy Honduras

The Healthy Honduras Program focuses on the continuing education of the Honduran medical community.  

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Improving a child’s life must begin with good health.


Improving a child’s life for the long term must include strengthening that child’s community, so that it may better support her.  

FOB programs address many components of the Honduran health care system,  from community-based initiatives to system-wide endeavors.

All of the Friends of Barnabas programs:   

  • provide health care services to those without access at no cost to the families

  • teach preventative health education to children, parents, and community members

  • empower and improve the capacity of local healthcare providers

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