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The Encourager

Community Health Development

Education Team - Midwife Training

We must always believe that God plans are the correct plans. Our morning began with news that the 9 women who were to come for ultrasounds, could not make it. They were all coming from La Sorta, one of our farthest communities. Our Community Health Nurse, Pascuala, quickly began making calls to invite other local women to come. As she has been all this week, Carrie Browning was an amazing assistant. She took notes, made copies of ultrasound pictures for each of the mothers to take home, and she was an overall encourager.

By the end of the day 11 women were served. We are happy to say that all ultrasounds were within normal limits. It was exciting to be able to tell one father that he would be having a son. He was one proud papa!

Even though the pace in the OB clinic was slower, there was much going on at the Barnabas House. Patti and Nury met with two groups of folks who are working in similar areas to some of FOB programs. Both were groups run by Hondurans. What a joy to hear all the wonderful things that God is doing in this beautiful country. New friends were made, and potential partnerships discussed.

The slower pace of the day allowed us to plan for what comes next in our efforts to equip midwives and promote prenatal care. “If mountain won’t come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain.” Dr. Joe’s next dream is to take the ultrasound out to the communities.

In 2004, Dr. Joe and Patti both dreamt of coming back to Honduras to provide prenatal care of some kind for the women in our communities, as well as talk with and learn from the midwives. This dream has come true this week. The other dream was to actually deliver a baby while in Honduras. Dr. Joe has yet to make that one come true. (Patti got to do that two years ago.) Dr. Joe, there is still time!

Saturday was St. Barnabas Day, Barnabas from the book of Acts who was known as “The Encourager”.

This week has been about encouraging the midwives to fine tune their craft. It has also been about encouraging parents as they anticipate a new member of their family.

As the day ended and goodbyes were being said, Pascuala shared with tears in her eyes, that this week has been exactly what FOB should be and is doing. We are working to improve the lives of families and children in Honduras. There is pure joy when we are accomplishing that goal.

Thank you for encouraging us this week, through your prayers and support of our work. You are Barnabas to us!

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