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A Most Difficult Night

This Little Hearts Project team is comprised of 28 individuals from Dallas, Denver, Nashville, Guatemala, Mexico and Richmond and more than a dozen Hondurans. The team never loses sight of the enormous challenges present in pediatric cardiac care, whether at home or in San Pedro Sula. Despite the extraordinary efforts of the LHP surgical team, some things are beyond their control.

With heavy hearts, we want to let you know that very early this morning, one-year-old Arodi Ordoñez passed away during surgery. Arodi was from the San Pedro Sula area and the team members who worked with him described him as a sweet, adorable, quiet child who was fascinated with the light-up ball he was given in the pre-op unit.

Lord God, ever caring and gentle, we commit to your love little Arodi, quickened to life for so short a time. Enfold him in eternal life. We pray for his parents who are saddened by the loss of their child. Give them courage and help them in their pain and grief. May they all meet one day in the joy and peace of your kingdom, Amen.

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