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We've Arrived!

The day started early for the Trinity team! Most of us were up at 3am (or earlier)! We flew out of Richmond in the wee hours of the morning and arrived to 16 degree weather in Newark, NJ. From there, we caught our connecting flight to San Pedro Sula.

Though rainy, the weather was (significantly) warmer than NJ! Our group is made up of returning members plus one new one and we received a very warm welcome from Nury at the Alfredo House and the rest of the Friends of Barnabas staff.

We learned of some new additions to the site, including a new water tank and more fencing. Staying at the Barnabas House are children scheduled for heart procedures in February.

Jamie and John gave devotions concerning the persistence, faith, and hopefulness of the people the team will work with and for and the incredible experiences of those who have served on previous mountain medical teams. There is a lot of optimism and passion for the work to be done this week!

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