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Fun with Bubbles

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Team members were awakened by the smell of breakfast cooking. We gathered around the table at 6:30am and enjoyed omelets and fruit. After breakfast, we set out to El Palmar, Las Vegas Santa Barbara.

El Palmar was founded in 1981. Currently, the population is 430 with 200 families living in 232 houses. There is one school and the health care center is 10 kilometers away in Las Vegas, Santa Barbara. The cost of a trip to the health care center is 40.00 lempiras. The majority of births occur within the home with the help of the community midwife. Teenage pregnancy is around 40%.

Their main agriculture products are coffee, beans, corn and bananas. When the principal of the school was asked about the needs of the community, the response was, “education and medical brigades.”

Team members had great fun playing with the children today. Many little fingernails were painted and bubbles were chased around the school yard.

David Westmoreland shared his holy moment encounter with Julia, a 78-year-old woman who visited all of our stations. Likely the oldest person that came to the clinic today, she was the sweetest and she stole David's heart within minutes. David felt lead to give Julia his cross; a sweet time of sharing the love of God.

Just as we were leaving the village, the rain came and followed us most of the way home. We arrived back at Alfredo's House and had a little downtime for a nap or shower before dinner. We enjoyed dinner and shared stories of the day. We concluded our evening together with a devotion given by Phyllis Fisher on the Lord's Prayer.

We are looking forward to tomorrow's journey and what the Lord has for us.

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