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Tuesday, September 23

Upon the team’s arrival last week, the Barnabas House was at full capacity, 20 patients with their moms. Today we were down to 7 patients with their mothers. It seems quite tranquil here today. Many Little Hearts patients have had successful cath procedures and gone home. Some have gone to San Pedro Sula for their surgery and will return here within the week for their recovery. So today was a day of play, teaching and catching our breath (so to speak)!

The nursing students spent a great deal of time teaching both mothers and children about nutrition. The children would read the handouts to Student Nurse Heidi, and the mothers talked with Student Nurse Brenda about the same things. Our patients are like little sponges, soaking in everything you tell them. The mothers ask lots of questions about how to best provide good nutrition for their children’s growth and good health.

Early in the afternoon we admitted three new patients for cath procedures to be done at the end of the week. With those arrivals came Professor Micah Hughes and two new nursing students, Kat and Shannon. We also added Erick to our patient population. He has his cath procedure yesterday.

Jessica and Luis will have surgery tomorrow. Mercy, Able, Karla and Elvia will have cath procedures. We are excited to have Diego and Suany return to us tomorrow afternoon. Prayers go up for all of these children, and those still in the hospital.

Tranquility will be short lived here, but today we are enjoying the time to absorb the scenery, the time to continue education, and the time to thank God for all that He has done so far, and continues to do.

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