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Sunday, August 31

This morning started bright and early with breakfast at our hotel in San Pedro Sula. The team had a communion service by the pool in the courtyard. Shirley shared a devotional about some racing chickens. The winner needed to make it to the top of a tower. The crowd was jeering, "They’ll never make it." One little chicken did. It turns out he was deaf. He couldn't hear all the negative comments like the other chicks did. The almond eggs given to the team serve as a reminder to us throughout the day to ignore the negativity that often surrounds us. Nury shared FOB founder Rev. Linwood Cook's prayer for Honduran children. We concluded our service with Peggy sharing Holy Communion with the team.

We had a short time to peruse the Honduran market and get some gifts to take home. It was a rush to the airport and check -in was definitely a challenge. After much frisking and patting, we made our way to our gate. Yolanda was flying out later to her home in Florida, and the rest of the Dinwiddie team started their journey to Richmond. Shirley shared one more devotional during their short layover in Houston. This one was about a crumpled, dirty $100.00 bill. Even though it was misused, it never lost its worth. The $100 Grand bar and the funny money it was wrapped in remind us that we too do not lose our worth no matter what we do or how we behave.

After a short delay on the tarmac, the team was on the last leg of their flight. Everyone arrived home safely after many goodbyes. Thank God for showering the Dinwiddie Team with all His mercies, guidance and blessings throughout everything.

Yolanda for the Dinwiddie team

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