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Four-Legged Tour Guide

Sunday, August 24

The day began with a devotion about a garbage truck. It referenced the similarity of a garbage truck to people who carry around anger and hate. The lesson to be learned is to have a positive attitude and not allow others’ garbage to affect you.

This morning we went to Naranjos Park for an anointing of our hands and devotions. Donnie read a wonderful verse that spoke to us all. We walked about four miles through a beautiful rain forest with old huge trees and tropical undergrowth; background music was provided by lots of birds and insects. Being out in nature makes one realize how wonderful God truly is, and the great gifts that He has given us. There is so much for which to be grateful. Our tour guide was a female dog that appeared to have recently had puppies. She was very sociable and led us well!

When we came back it was time to get back to work. With a smooth running assembly line, we finished counting and making hundreds of bags of pills to be handed out in the daily clinics. Pedro, the inventory coordinator, came in and did several quality checks. He caught us overstuffing the bags. We all tried to blame Shirley. Then we all helped pack the back of the bus so that we will be ready to go first thing in the morning.

Linda, Tariq, Katie, Michelle, Lee, Carlos and Dr. Vijay were able to go see the Pulhapanzak waterfall. Again, they were amazed at God’ amazing handiwork.

This evening, we have our dentist, Dr. Arita, Dr. Roberto (a medical doctor) and four medical students who will spend the week with us. The returning members are excited to have our medical students, Carlos, Mario and Juan back from three years ago.

We had supper at the D&D Brewery, a local restaurant, owned by a native Virginian. He came with a business group three years ago and never left. Honduras is truly a country that many people do not want to leave once they get here.

Many team members are sitting around the table playing a card game called Skip-Bo. The rest of the team has retired for the day.

Until tomorrow, by the Grace of God.

The Dinwiddie Mountain Medical Team

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