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On the Job

Monday, August 4

The thunder storms rolled in at about 3:00 o’clock this morning reminding those of us who were awakened from our slumber that the mountains of Honduras do indeed lay in a tropical zone. This accounts for the lush vegetation we encounter on all of our forays into the countryside and for the bountiful vegetable gardens so lovingly tended by FOB staff. As Nury so poignantly pointed out during our tour of the FOB facilities yesterday, the fertility of the land stands in stark contrast with the poverty of the people. Yet that same fertility embodies hope for a better future as the people are freed up to embrace the good gifts God has given.

That hope was evident today for first-timers Harry and Robin as they assisted Elmer and Marco with vision testing. The joy the people exhibited upon receiving their new glasses calls to mind the blind man healed by Jesus who exclaimed “I was blind but now I see.” (John 9:25)

The things that stand out for me on my first day “on the job” were the numbers and exuberance of the children. Gale was overrun at her station when someone produced stickers that the children joyfully plastered on their hands and other body parts. And some of the younger boys displayed their macho side by climbing to the top of the flag pole, a fete that Amy duplicated.

The Farmville 2014 Mountain Medical Team

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