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The Youth Team's Fourth of July

Friday, July 4

We awoke this Fourth of July in Honduras to a shining sun and crowing rooster. After a hearty breakfast, we took off to the community of Terreritos. We were warmly welcomed by a group of children holding up letters that spelled out “Welcome.” Then we began the activities by singing and dancing, and performing alongside the children. Afterwards we broke off into our groups, and started a day full of crafts, workshop, and games. Each group had three rotations and after two of the rotations, the children had a snack and we ate our lunch.

After lunch we had the last rotation of the day, and ended with more singing and dancing. We headed down to the community soccer fields where the final game of the day was won by team USA 4-2. After the game, the children broke open a piñata full of candy and treats. The team then got its own treat by getting some ice cream. It was a great Fourth of July and we can’t wait to help more in the communities.

The First UMC Youth Team

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