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Holy Moments

Greetings Family and Friends on the Home Front,

We’re past the half-way mark and still running strong; only two more communities to visit and serve. Today, the team visited the community of Terrerito, a forty-five minute drive from our base camp at Barnabas House.

Again, the residents were ready and waiting and we hit the ground running. And, like yesterday, our clinics were set up in a large school building with plenty of room, a really comfortable setting.

NOTE: Up to this point all of the journals have been pretty similar to the day before. Of course, the team has been in different locations, with different numbers and some different medical conditions, etc. By now, you have a good picture of our daily routine etched in your mind. Now it’s time for an “upgrade.”

This evening, we’re including a few personal observations and/or special moments that the team members have shared with us and we now share with you.

Kelly Delaney is a pediatric RN at St. Mary’s Hospital; more specifically, her job title is a “Mother-Baby Nurse.” Kelly’s holy moment today was holding and cuddling an 8-month-old while talking with the mother about child care... breast feeding, changes in behavior as the baby develops, and other concerns or issues a mom needs to know. While this is Kelly’s job at St. Mary’s, it’s different doing the same thing a thousand miles away, in the mountains of Honduras, with a patient who’s not had the benefit of all the pre-natal preparation and care Kelly’s patients back home usually have. Helping and educating the mother and cuddling the infant was Kelly’s “holy moment.”

Team Leader Carlos shared two “holy moments.” One occurred as the clinic opened and the other, at the end, as we were about to board the bus back to Barnabas House. We were very impressed by the community leaders who gathered us all together to welcome us and offer prayers for our tasks ahead today. And, the leaders’ final words of thanks and appreciation at the end of the day brought on some tears as they were spoken – very “holy moments” for all of us.

I’ll close for now. Keep us, and the people we are serving today, in your prayers and know that you are with us in spirit.

Peace, Love and God’s Blessings,

Papa Joe and the Warwick Memorial Mission Team

Carlos Liceaga George Blair

Kerry Boggs Mikal Bowman

Lupe Chairez Papa Joe Covolo

Kelly Delaney Theresa Duke

Karla Gerner Mike Henning

Charles Hunt Nabihah Mahmood

Martha Rhodes Carolyn Sweetland

Ted Sweetland Virginia Taylor

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