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Wednesday - El Palmar

We began our day in the usual way, with a continental breakfast that included choices of homemade “sticky buns,” yogurt, homemade jams and cereal. We left for El Palmar around 7:45 and arrived around 8:30.

El Palmar, Las Vegas, is in the department of Santa Barbara. The community has a population of approximately 430 people, represented by 200 families living in 232 houses. All homes have external bathrooms. There is running water piped into parts of the community. There is a school. The closest health center is 10km (6 miles) away and the trip by vehicle costs 40 Lempira (about two dollars, which is a considerable amount in most communities). The community does not have midwives, but most births occur in the home with the help of a midwife from another community. The teenage pregnancy rate is 40 percent. Main crops are coffee, beans, corn and bananas.

The flow of patients was slower today, but at the same time the day was overall shorter. We were able to see and help many children in particular and it was a good day for the Lord’s work. Several team members gave away crosses today, including Judy, Emily and Lorie. The work in the clinics is summarized below:

Medical clinic – 194 patients

Deworming – 98 treatments

Vitamin A – 62

Fluoride Treatments – 45

Eye Clinic – 28 patients

Dental clinic – 39 patients

Extractions – 55

Fillings – 2

Extended Care Referrals - 1

We will travel to La Sorto, Otoro in the department of Intibuca Thursday and will reflect on the day accordingly.


R Scott Williams

for the Danville 2014 Team

Ronnie Dillon

Judy Szulecki Bunin

John and Susan Crews

Karen Haley

Judy Hartman

David Helton

Deedee Jamison

Amy Keesee

Don Merricks

Larry and Emily Ratliff

Paul Settle

Lorie Touart

Robin Williams

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