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It was just another morning for a sweet abuela in the community of Higuerones. As she made tortillas in her kitchen, a busy dental clinic served 41 of her neighbors. Along with dental care, Dr. Adan, Courtney G. and Morgan ministered with prayer to a fourteen-year-old girl after she shared she wanted to “know Jesus more.”

Today’s eye clinic saw a number of patients with cataracts, which made it difficult to determine the correct prescription. Mitch and Stacy worked together, and all of our patients left with prescription glasses, reading glasses or sun glasses, and great big smiles.

The team makes an effort to teach as well as treat, and one of our favorites is a saline solution the mothers can make at home when their supply from us runs out. Each medical clinic educates families about the use of saline spray for sinus problems and respiratory relief. We have managed to turn it into entertainment for the children, loving their giggles while spritzing the spray for them. Mitch ended the day playing soccer with some of the children, bringing playful relief and smiles to all of our faces.

Our day begins and ends with time for devotion. Tammy shared a favorite story of a little boy and the starfish at the beach. The message was that we may not be able to touch the life of every child in need, but touching the heart of just one makes our mission worthwhile. Carolyn and Jeanna shared the evening devotion, speaking about their involvement with the Rotary Club. The devotion was close to all of our hearts because of the mutual values of both organizations.

Tomorrow’s village is new to the foundation, so we are resting up for a busy, rewarding day.

There are more Tri-Cities team photo in our photo album.

Today’s Numbers:

General Clinic: 231

Deworming: 138

Vitamin “A”: 49

Fluoride: 37

Dental: 41 with 66 extractions

Eye Clinic: 29

ECP Referrals: 1

The Tri-Cities Team:

Janet Arnold

Rem Arnold

Mark Bartholomew

Carolyn Burk

Morgan Epps

Laura Fernandez-Collius

Bonnie Finck

Rich Finck

Courtney Gifford

Jeanna Gutierrez

Courtney Harris

Amber Hatcher

Stacy Licari

Kate McLaughlin

Robin Phillips

Mitch Temple

Tammy Williams

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