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Today's "Buzzing" Clinic

Today we "bounced" our way on the bus to the village of Planes de Italia. The medical clinic was buzzing with activity. Dr. Curry treated two babies who had never before seen a doctor. One, 6 weeks old, was born at home, and the other, 4 weeks old, was born at a clinic. Both were healthy and had no problems.

A little girl came into the medical clinic with a cast on her right arm. After talking with her mother and examining her, Dr. Curry determined that she had Osteogenesis imperfecta, which is a congenital bone condition. By the age of four, she has already had seven broken bones. Fortunately, we were able to refer her to our Extended Care Program.

There was another little girl, Ester, who came to see us today. Dr. Curry remembered seeing her and her family last year. She is six years old and has a condition in which one of her eyes is not fully developed. This condition, Microphthalmia, unfortunately has no cure, except to replace the eye with a glass eye later on for cosmetic reasons. Ester has a wonderful personality and is full of life. She loves to play frisbee!

The dental clinic, though not as busy as on other days, experienced a couple of complex cases. One case involved treating a 65 year old patient for his painful dental condition in which the roots of his tooth had hardened against his jaw bone.

To sum up today's report, we would like to highlight a case from the medical clinic that demonstrates the Friends of Barnabas Foundation's commitment to our patients. A 78 year old patient came in at the end of the day expressing concern about his lack of energy and constant fatigue. Four different medical professionals examined him, and it appears that he has only one functioning lung. As a result, Dra. Moncada referred him for further evaluation. The fact that four different medical professionals examined him and consulted with one another about his case parallels a level of care that we would expect in the United States.

Trinity Team 1 continues to enjoy serving God's children in Honduras!

Today's statistics:

Clinic: 254

Dental: 11

Extractions: 17

Eyes: 37 (with 3 referrals)

De-Worming: 152

Vitamin A: 60

Fluoride: 7

Referrals to Extended Care Program: 5

The Trinity Mountain Medical Team

Don Boyd, Team Leader

Heather Case

Bill Curry

Charles Green

Roger Hart

Sarah Henley

Lynn Johnston

Thomas Lott

Bert Norfleet, Jr.

Don Pierce

Virginia Rhines

Jane Tucker

Art Utley

Cheryl Walsh

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