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This Week at Barnabas House: Gardening, Tele-therapy and a Cooking Contest

The Barnabas House has been buzzing with activity this past week. Out in the garden, Daniel has been harvesting crops that he shares with families who stop by to pick up medicines for their children. You will see his amazing crop of cucumbers in the photos. Wow!

Suyapa conducted a physical therapy session via video conference with one of our Extended Care patients this week. Little Andrea is pictured below with her mother as Suyapa talks them through the exercises.

Inside the Barnabas kitchen, Berta and Suyapa made a cooking video to submit for a contest put on by the Food Bank of Honduras. If they win, the Food Bank will have a nutritionist mentor Berta for one month and provide funding. Keep your fingers crossed that they win!! Check out their video submission below.

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