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The Scouting Team Helps Pave The Way For 2022 MMTs

Thursday, October 21st 2021

Today was a day of great disappointment when it was determined that the road to the community was not safe for travel due to the inclement weather yesterday. The team regretted not being able to serve those dear Honduran people. We also had to bid farewell to Karissa as she moves to Spain. She has been a vital part of the Honduran team for the last four years.

God typically has a surprise when we allow him to be in control. Today with the Scouting Team and Honduran team able to be together, enjoying the beautiful day and entering a corporate free-thinking mode to seek plans as we emerge from 18 months of no mountain medical mission teams. We shared our frustrations, new ideas, and successes. The thought processes flowed freely, and the ideas are very exciting. The changes somehow seem to be no longer a burden but exciting as Friends of Barnabas re-enters mountain medical missions back to Honduras. Just an aside, all of our Covid tests were Negative today!

Perhaps, Erin expressed it best today. We will paraphrase as best as we remember. In many ways we are making these changes due to Covid. Maybe it is not because of Covid and the pandemic, but rather it is because we are discovering there are ways to server better, smarter, more effectively and efficiently as we move into the future.

The pandemic has demanded that we draw into ourselves, personally, in our communities, in our work and every aspect of our lives. It has not been a time that we have contemplated how we can serve others outside our small circle.

When we were asked to join the scouting team, each of us wondered in our own way why, how, and what we had to give of ourselves. It was almost as if the day to day living and managing during a pandemic required that we narrow our world view. Through this week our eyes have been re-opened, our vision has increased and our desire to serve is rekindled. We want to thank Friends of Barnabas for rekindling a sense of purpose which we had realized had been sleeping.

Joe & Debbie Stegman

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