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Serving Loma Larga

Wednesday, November 10th, 2022

The devotional this morning was about the ability of the body to function as a unit. If one part goes wrong, it impacts the rest of it. The members of the team are like the body and each team member contributes to the whole. We can be compared to pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The pieces compliment one another and produce a beautiful whole. We have the privilege of being a little part of God’s big picture this week.

After devotional, the team photo was taken with the Honduran staff, before heading to Loma Larga, San Antonio, Cortes. Loma Larga is located about 38km from the Barnabas house. The community has about 300 people and 80 homes. The water source is a spring about three hours walk from the community. The Ocran UMC donated the materials needed to rebuild the water source so the community will now have potable water at their disposal.

The highlight of the day was a home visit by the team members who is new to Honduras. It was an eye opener for them, and more importantly they were able to render both medical and spiritual care to the woman living in the house. Tim prayed with them. Alex was so moved by the situation that he gave his cross to the woman. Nareesa also gave her cross away to a beautiful 13-year-old girl who had a cleft lip and palate. Her lip as been repaired, and she is waiting for surgery to fix her palate. Many referrals were made today for both cardiac and GI consultations.

It was another successful day all around.

~Jessica and Yolanda

Team Dinwiddie

Shirley Woodlief - Team Leader

Pam Witt

Dr. Nareesa Mohammed-Rajput

Liz Laidlaw

Dale Field

Yolanda Baksh-Mohammed

Jessica Earhart

Matthew Comer

Elvin Floyd

Carlos Munoz

Tim Beck

Alex Comer

Evelyn Eley

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