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Semper Gumby

Thursday, September 22, 2022

We'd been through every kind of rain there is: little bitty stinging rain, and big old fat rain, rain that flew in sideways- Forest Gump

Next time I come back to Honduras I'm bringing rainboots! It's rained every day we have been here which has created some..well..we'll call it "interesting navigating challenges."

As we were heading to San Ramon, San Francisco de Ojueras, Santa Barbara clinic this morning, we hit some traffic. Honduran style 😎. There we were driving and minding our own business when BAM!, we were brought to a halt by a cattle train. And they weren't going to be rushed by us. Nope, they took their time like a lazy Sunday drive. Nor did they understand how to yield 🙄. Finally, we separated ways (bye moo moo) and in true Murphy's law fashion we were halted again. This time by a mudslide. However, in Winston Churchills famous words "We shall never surrender!" We macheted some branches to make more room on the road and carried on. And by "we" I mean those other guys 😆.

The rest of the day was comparatively uneventful. Some of the highlights from today include Steve in dental almost got thrown up on by a little boy. 😳 yikes! Better you than me I say 😝. Skip and Linda had the youngest patient of the week come through at just 5 weeks (we can all go awwwww now ❤❤). Larry did more Larry pharmacy things 💊. And Kim used her keen detective skills to recognize a podiatry issue in a young fella. Way to go Kim! Lastly, one of our team members had to bug out early due to not feeling well 🤒 but is doing better now! Praise God!

Tomorrow is our final clinic day here. Plans are up in the air due to the rain, so we are all embracing the motto "semper gumby!" as we wait to see what God has planned for us tomorrow.

Goodnight friends and I leave you with this...

"I don't always embrace changes, but when I do I adapt, improvise, and overcome. Semper gumby my friends" - from that internet guy


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