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Rainbow Travels

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Today's mission day started by waking to the sound of Honduran bird songs. We enjoyed a tasty breakfast prepared by the Barnabas house staff, Karen and Albita. As we were getting on the bus to leave, we were blessed with a rainbow over the mountain view.

We then traveled over two hours across Honduras. We traveled through small villages and a larger town. We saw big tractor trailers and tiny tuk-tuks. We took in stunning mountain vistas and a surprising pine tree forest.

Finally, we came down the zig-zagging, switchback road to reach our mountain community for today, El Caliche. El Caliche is an adorable, intimate community tucked away at the bottom of a ridge. As we unpacked the medication and supplies, a few dogs, a kitten, and hens with their chicks walked amongst us.

I served today by assisting our dentist. She has an amazing bedside manner, guiding the children through the work they received. However, the location we worked out of today was lacking. The ceiling was tin. The walls were cinder blocks. The floors were dirt. However we brought along a folding dental chair, cleaning supplies, and all the tools needed for her to perform the pain-reducing procedures.

We were able to aid 127 community members before heading back to our base of operation. Upon returning to Barnabas House, we had a special surprise waiting for us. The amazing staff prepared a birthday celebration for one of our team members, Betsy, and Liz, one of our Honduran interpreters. We celebrated by singing Happy Birthday in both English and Spanish. We rounded out the day with a delicious dinner of veggie soup.

~ Chris

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