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Overwhelmed Yet Blessed

Monday, May 16, 2022

This week God brought a community of individuals together with the mission of “Being the Change” from all walks of life. In just 24 hours we became a community that feels much like a family. Merriam Webster’s definition of community is “a unified body of individuals, interacting of various kinds of individuals in a community… a social state or condition.” Even though we are all so different we are unified in our thoughts and feelings.

Today as the Honduran staff arrived, the theme of community continues. Pascuala connected with everyone on our team by conversation, love, and prayer. Little did we know how her prayer would bless us throughout the day. Erin described Pascuala a very special lady.

As we entered the community and began to work, immediately we felt overwhelmed as individuals. Later we learned most of us had experienced the same feelings and realized we all just needed to slow down and take our time. Even amid feeling this emotion we were able to find blessings in and through the community and each other.

We saw blessing in working with families and seeing family members work together. Many team members met an abuela who was caring for her 7 grandchildren, the youngest 11 months old. The children lost their mother recently due to an accident. Karen felt led to give her cross to the abuela for the love she showed these children and the way the siblings helped each other throughout the day.

Our medical brigade consists of mothers and sons, an aunt and niece, sisters, and cousins, working together to do the work of God. Daniel was excited to see his mother, Dr. Ondina, do her dental work for the first time. He was very proud of his mom. It is heartwarming to watch family members share this experience with each other.

Gabby gave her cross away to an excellent mom! This amazing mother had an 11-day old baby, Keneth and 2 other children. It was evident that she enjoyed motherhood by her positive energy and the healthiness of her children. Gabby referred to her as her “spirit animal.”

Holding 3-month-old baby Ian was the highlight for Karen, Amy and Mary. Ian’s 12-year-old cousin did not take his eyes of him. Overwhelming joy is the feeling when holding Ian.

This is how our day was overwhelming yet so blessed. Without community this could not have happened.

~Amy Beckwith

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