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Dear Friends,

For those of you who have not been able to travel to our facilities in Honduras, let me tell you a little about our complex. As you drive up the dirt road leading to our gate, you pass our large gardens that provide food for our patients, staff, and volunteers. Our guard's station is to the right as you enter.

We have two large buildings that are joined together by an open air carport. The largest building is two-story and called Alfredo's House, named after our beloved, first employee. This is where our volunteers stay. There are several bedrooms with bunk beds, a large gathering room where the team meets and shares meals, a small kitchen, and a balcony with the best view of the mountains.

The outstretched building is Barnabas House, where our patients come for their clinical visits. There are several clinic rooms where our nurses and doctor meet with patients. There are also several bedrooms where our patients and a parent stay overnight when needed. There's another kitchen and dining room in Barnabas House, as a hot, nutritious meal is always served when a patient visits.

The carport is truly a multipurpose outdoor room. When teams are in Honduras, they often spend the early mornings and evenings talking in this space. Our medical staff hold trainings for patients and community leaders there and whenever our bus needs to be serviced, it fits perfectly in this spot. Behind the buildings are two shipping containers that are used for storage, and in front of the buildings, you will find our new George M. Blair Memorial Well.

We are blessed to have such an incredible space, and we are also fortunate to have a talented, hard working employee to help us maintain it all. This week, we'd like to share pictures of what Manuel Martinez, our Maintenance Manager, has been working on lately.

Manuel installed this skylight in the Barnabas House kitchen. It's not uncommon to lose power when there are heavy rains or hot days, so this skylight is a blessing to Berta, who still manages to feed everyone even when the power is out!

Check out our new gutters that Manuel installed. It is rainy season in Honduras now, and these gutters help collect water. Our 12,000 liter tank is nearly full now.

Here Manuel is building a roof to go over the storage containers to offer extra protection from the rain and sun.

We couldn't do our work without the support of people like Manuel!

Thank you for allowing us to share with you each week. We appreciate your prayers and support.


Erin H. Caldwell President

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