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First time visit to Agua Salada

Thursday, August 11, 2022

For our fourth day of clinic, we visited Agua Salada, our second new Friends of Barnabas community this week. It was the most interesting journey so far. The school where we set up is very high atop a mountain. We realized that our bus, carrying more than 20 passengers and heavy supplies, was not going to make it up the steep incline. The team got off the bus to lighten the load, and members of the community helped carry the many containers up the muddy hill to the school.

Even then, it was impossible to drive the bus up, so many men jumped in to help get it moving. Unfortunately, it looked like those efforts weren’t going to be successful. At that point, the team and community stood together, hands joined, to offer up a fervent prayer. The next thing we knew, the crew was able to use the truck to tow the bus up the hill. It was incredible to witness!

Both Shawn and Megan gave away an agape cross today. Shawn shared her cross with a 21-year-old single mom who has no family or friends close by to offer her any support or help. It was obvious that she was completed devoted to her baby. Shawn gave her much needed encouragement her that she was doing a great job at the hardest task in the world.

Megan gave her cross to the community leader. She was very impressed with his organization of this first visit by Friends of Barnabas and touched by his obvious pride in helping to take care of his community. It is this dedication and partnership that make the Community Development Program make a difference in the lives of so many.

Thanks to Kirsten for putting together this video featuring a few of our team members sharing their thoughts on today’s visit to Agua Salada.

~ The En Sus Pasos team “In His Steps”

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