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ECD Team Continues Work with Families in the FOB Extended Care Program

Today, we continued to work with the patients that came in for the Extended Care Program and Provided backpacks full of activities for the families.

We decided to change our game plan a little bit and talked to families one-on-one all day instead of trying to talk to all of them at once. Our alphabet cards and the tracing papers have been the biggest hits so far. One of the reason these activities are so great is that they can be adjusted for all ages.

One mom came with her two daughters, one who was 17 years old and the other was an 8 month-old baby who has Downs Syndrome. While, the activities aren’t really made for teenagers, the two girls can work together with the shape/color cards, and the older daughter could start showing her some of the photos from the alphabet cards from the backpack. The baby could also start working on her grip by holding onto the expo markers and scribbling on the laminated paper until she is old enough to start tracing.

Another family that came included grandpa, mom, and her daughter Silvia, who is 9 years-old. We pulled out a couple different cards from the alphabet set and got her to write us a sentence about a cat, a house, and a star. We also gave this family a couple of different puzzles that we made previously, and she stayed focused on these puzzles for a while!

The ECD Team reevaluated our plan for tomorrow to better meet the needs for each family. We are excited to work with more patients, encouraging each family to be active participants in their child’s development.

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