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ISA Foundation Grant

Dear Friends,

We have good news to share!

We are pleased to announce that Friends of Barnabas has received a $5000 grant from the ISA Foundation, a nonprofit that focuses on healthy nutrition and support for underserved children, wellness education for all, aid for those affected by natural disasters, and the pursuit of racial equality.

Three years ago, our medical staff developed a Six Sigma quality improvement project focused on weight gain in our cardiac patient population. The goal was to have 92% of these patients reach 75% of their optimum age appropriate weight in order to be eligible for surgery. Our staff tracked weight gain monthly, held nutrition focused classes, and taught caregivers life skills that would allow them to provide nutritionally sound diets. At the end of 12 months, our staff had reached their goal.

Based on this success, the ISA Foundation is offering this grant to Friends of Barnabas in order for us to expand the previous project to include a larger portion of our general patient caseload. We are grateful for the support of the ISA Foundation and look forward to expanding our nutrition education with this partnership.


Erin Caldwell

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