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The Sus Manos Team is in Honduras this Week!

Saturday, March 7th 2020

It was an early morning for the Sus Manos team as we came together from near and far to meet at the Avianca check-in at Dulles International Airport. The day was filled with travel as we made our way to El Salvador and then Honduras. Of course, this was done with 30 duffle bags that were filled with medical supplies and give-a-ways for the communities we will be visiting … man are those things heavy.

With each pit stop the team was met with such gracious hospitality of people wanting to help get us to our final destination of the day, “La Casa de Alfredo” in San Pedro Sula. After a long day of interchanges the team was welcomed by FOB staff who provided us a delicious family style meal. Following dinner, Nury gave us the low-down regarding the rules we would need to know during our stay to keep the team safe and to assist us in working together with staff so that things would run smoothly. This was extremely important for first timers so we would know what to expect.

As the evening came to a close, we all participated in a team devotion led by Charles. The reflection was one that allowed the team to ponder on the question: How might we (individually and as a team) be Sus Manos (His Hands) during our stay here in Honduras? After a short discussion, we had a hand washing ceremony that was quite meaningful. It was during that time poet Marvin shared one of his writings with us about the importance of bug spray entitled “Ode de Off”.


Sunday, March 8th 2020

Today the team did several chores to prepare us for our first day in the community. From making toothpaste out of salt and baking soda and packing rice and bean meals, packing baby slings and blankets, homemade back-packs, and cloth diapers - the team spent the majority of the morning doing these tasks. Additionally, as we plan to address the medical needs of the Honduras community the team formed several assembly lines of production to begin sorting, making labels, and pre-packaging/measuring medicines such as Tylenol, Tums, and Vitamins. After a busy morning, the team was able to enjoy some downtime on the compound where many of us explored the beautiful gardens and grounds.

In the evening we went for a boat ride in Las Glorias and ate dinner at a local restaurant called Golmania. Before going to bed we had a devotion. Pastor Bob led the team in an anointing of hands after reading John 13:1-17. Bob and Charles first anointed two other team members and blessed them. This symbolic ritual then passed from member to member until everyone had been anointed. Immediately, we felt more confident and prepared to meet and treat the village patients than we had two days ago.

~Dana & Nancy

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