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Hampton Roads Wraps Up Week in Honduras

Friday, February 14th 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Hampton Roads Team in Pena Blanca! Our day started off with lovely Valentines at our breakfast places and our usual lively morning meal. Carlos received a wonderful morning text from his daughter stating “Happy Valentine’s Day! Perfect day for spreading God’s love around the world (ok, every day is)!” We all couldn’t agree more, and that is what we set out to do.

Our destination today was El Cedral, Taulabe. It was quite a climb up very steep, narrow roads in our hard-working bus with breathtaking scenery in every direction. Thanks to Charlie’s neat smartphone app, we discovered that we were 4000 ft in elevation by the time we reached our village. As we have become accustomed to, we were greeted by a wide variety of villagers with bright smiles who were waving enthusiastically, were ready to help us unload, and eager to attend our clinics. We noticed that this village had a large number of children, with bright shining eyes and infectious giggles, which makes our jobs nothing but fun. We loved the hugs of gratitude from both children and adults.

After a scenic drive home, we were given a wonderful presentation about Friends of Barnabas by the Honduras FOB staff. The work that is done here, which extends significantly beyond the monthly mission trips, is incredible, and its effects have been powerful and far reaching in the country of Honduras. We have marveled at the Extended Care Program, community education and outreach, and the care provided at the clinic at the Barnabas house. How meaningful to be a part of the services provided by this amazing organization.

Tonight’s devotional was based upon Acts 10:34-43. We discussed Peter’s personal experience as he realized God’s power and love, not just in his mind, but in his heart. Carlos explained that this happens to many people on their first mission trip, and encouraged all of us to think about what we have experienced this week and what has been placed in our hearts. We each relayed ways we had seen God’s love through the week. We all agreed that between the gratitude and affection of the villagers, to the spirit of service from the Honduran staff of Friends of Barnabas, to the spectacular beauty of this country, to the fellowship and adoration we have shared as a team working together, it is difficult NOT to see God’s love everywhere. What a blessing to be immersed in such unconditional love.

- Maggie McCauley

~Maggie McCauley

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