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Trinity's Final Day of Clinics in La Pimienta

Friday, January 24, 2020

Today we visited the village of La Pimienta. This was a wonderful experience with villagers that were extremely polite and always willing to help. In the last year they have almost completed the new building for a town hall and are working on a new athletic field.

Mark had a moving experience in the medical clinic. A 12 year old boy was guiding and talking to his 35 year old father. The blind son was dedicated to his father and his father bragged on his son for his love.

Bert was impressed that the children in the fluoride and deworming clinic were well-behaved and were intent to please. Dr. Kristen was surprised that a special needs child recognized her from last year and smiled at her.

Dr. Kristen examined a 84 year old man that looked great and was in super shape. She asked him how he was so healthy, he replied that there is no time to be lazy.

A brave little girl about 8 years old came in to have her dental examination, and an extraction was required. She jumped in the chair, smiled and never complained. When she received her lidocaine and tooth extraction she never flexed her muscles or whimpered. When she left she smiled and waved.

We finished the day with a trip to the waterfalls and made our way to San Pedro Sula where we will fly home tomorrow.

~Kevin & Dr. Roger

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