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Trinity Returns to La Dante

Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

Today we visited La Dante. This was Trinity’s second time visiting this community. Despite a slow start to the day, as the word got out that we had arrived the families came. The weather was very cold, wet and foggy. The coffee harvest was underway, which was reflected in the smaller numbers for the day. They are as follows:

General Clinic: 87

Vitamins: 80

Deworming: 32

Fluoride: 16

Eye clinic children: 30

Eye clinic adult: 17

Dental: 13

Extractions: 28

Referrals: 11

ECP: 0

Mike did a very thorough job with the fluoride treatments. Don wanted to know what the fluoride tasted like, so he tried it. Now he knows why the children react like they do.

In the medical clinic, the team observed a lot of cough, cold, and respiratory viruses. Mark mentioned seeing a child who had a congenital heart condition. The parents were aware, and the child is waiting for surgery.

Louisa observed there were a significant numbers of babies today. There was a one that was a month old today.

Two crosses were given away today. Mark gave his cross to the community leader. His family was the last to be seen. We felt that it was his encouragement and efforts that caused a number of the families to dress and come out in spite of the inclement weather. It was obvious to us that his care and concern also had a positive impact on his own family’s health.

Roger gave his cross to a 12 year old in the dental clinic. The boy was in the dental chair for 20 minutes and never moved or whimpered. Roger was also impressed by our Honduran staff as they assisted two developmentally disabled adults through the various clinics.

Despite it being a slow day, the team felt it was a great day as we served Jesus Christ by serving the children and their families.

~Virginia & Larry

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