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Full Circle

Thursday, November 7th, 2019

Today’s mission took us only a short distance to La Aguita, in the municipality of Pena Blanca. Many of us expected there to be fewer health disparities in a more populated area such as this; however, we found that the population was just as sick. There was a lower level of education in regard to wellness, and hygiene was just as bad as areas with no running water.

Today we treated a greater number of respiratory illness which were of a greater acuity. It was also noted that we treated a greater number of teen mothers and many more babies. The team took great pleasure in the opportunity to care for so many children, especially the infants.

Though this village was in a more populated area, we still encountered many impoverished citizens living in terrible conditions and health problems related to a diet of processed food including high blood pressure and diabetes. The dental team stayed particularly busy with a total of 36 extractions. It was surprising to hear that there are many dental practices here which are run by unlicensed professionals.

One highlight of the day was caring for a brother and sister who both had open heart surgery last year through Friends of Barnabas’ Little Hearts Program. The Little Hearts Program started in 2006 and became a fully Honduran run program in 2015 when Friends of Barnabas opened the first pediatric cardiac ward in Honduras. What a joyous honor to report that these two angels are in great health and high spirits. What a special blessing it was to see God’s work through this foundation come full circle and to see the lasting impact it has had on the children and the future of Honduras.

~Crysta Cozelos

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