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Clinics in Cordoncillos

Wednesday, November 6th, 2019

This morning began with a wonderful breakfast shared between the team and our colleagues here in Honduras. Though we’ve been working together for a few days now, it was the first day that we got to sit down, share a meal and give thanks as one team.

Today’s journey brought the Dinwiddie team to Cordoncillos in the municipality of Santa Cruz de Yojoa. The first thing that stood out to us was the extremely close proximity of the homes to a landfill. Some homes were no further than 200 yards with some encampments in the landfill itself. Though the community was smaller, we saw many more children in comparison to the days before. We were amazed by the cleanliness of the schoolhouse and the apparent time and effort put into educating the children. This village was much poorer, with many living in shacks.

We later found out that a well was dug for the community however they still haven’t been able to afford a pump to get clean water to the homes. The lack of water contributed to the community’s poor hygiene. The pond where the water for the community came from, closer to the landfill than the village, was brown and littered with trash, the type of water that no fish could even survive in. We remain hopeful that the pump will be installed by the end of the month so that these people may continue to enhance their health and wellness.

The newer team members were invited into the home of one family where four children and one adult shared one small living space and an outside cooking area. These people took great pride in their home and accepted us with open arms.

As a whole the children seemed healthier and happier than those we’ve had the opportunity to serve thus far. The community showed an eagerness to learn that was reflected in their seemingly higher level of education. From a health perspective, we encountered a few rare medical conditions that we treated to the best of our abilities, and what we could not treat we referred to local specialists. Rick and Pam, who volunteer in the pharmacy, continue to be highly praised for their attention to detail and their exceptional work ethic. Thanks to their hard work, as well as many others, clinics continue to run seamlessly and successfully. Two other team members, Pam and Carlos, found homes for their crosses because they share common life experiences to which they could relate. This day was been a testament to the many blessings God gives and leaves us with a deeper appreciation for all that we have.

~Crysta Cozelos

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