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"Work and God"

Tuesday, November 5th, 2019

Tuesday’s mission took the Dinwiddie team to a remote village, Corinto Meambar, in the municipality of Comayagua. From the general health of the community, water resources, to education, there were many differences in this village when compared to the previous day. We also found that this community suffered from more acute illness. We provided the highest level of care and compassion we could.

The day was a success and four members made bonds that surely made a lasting impression. Today we saw many more children and it turns out Elvin is the class clown, with whom many of the children became attached. The presence of so many children brought out the child in more than one of our team members as they painted nails, played with bubbles and disrupted the local animals with boisterous animal impressions.

One child in particular stole a little piece a Elvin’s heart, and so it is he who now wears his cross. Nareesa gave her cross to a mother whose 4 year old daughter could not come with the family to clinic because she was in the hospital being treated for leukemia. Barret’s cross founds its way home with a woman who asked him for a Bible. In the absence of a Bible, he knew she should have the one thing he could give her.

Evelyn found a home for her cross with the elder of the community. At the age of 93, this man still works in the fields and his only complaints were a tired body and tired knees. Evelyn asked this man what keeps him going to which he replied, “Work and God.” We could tell how much this moved her as she spoke about him in devotional holding back the tears in her eyes. In each of these places we find that God touches lives in just the same way, inspiring faith and instilling happiness no matter how much we have or the situation.

~Crysta Cozelos & Elizabeth Niernam

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