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Team Dinwiddie is in Honduras!

Sunday, November 3rd, 2019

As the team members headed to the airport for the four o’clock am meetup, we couldn’t help but experience a high level of nervous excitement at the thought of the trip ahead. Thirteen members, including 5 first timers, met in Richmond Virginia and were later joined in Miami by three other members, from Massachusetts, Florida and Washington DC. The team arrived in San Pedro Sula at 2:00 pm, where we gathered the 26 duffel bags we hauled with medicines and supplies. At the airport we were met by the Honduran team members, who were warm and welcoming. At the Alfredo’s house we met the rest of the team and ate a delicious meal they had prepared, a welcome treat. The day was long and by the end of evening devotional, each of us were exhausted. The sound of the rain on the tin roof served as a peaceful melody by which to sleep.

Sunday morning began with the extremely loud melodious song of a native bird, waking the majority of the team. We’re learning quickly that each meal prepared will be a delicious treat. Our first outing was to the local botanical garden where we explored the rich landscape with a picturesque spring of the brightest blue. We learned about numerous plants and saw hummingbirds and butterflies. Taking in the beauty of gods earth was a truly exceptional experience. The highlight however was the sound and sight of our beloved team leader take a slide, adding a great deal of mud to her attire. After lunch, the afternoon was spent preparing medications for the local communities. In addition to the medicines and giveaways for the week ahead. We wound down over dinner at a local restaurant. Before dispersing for the evening, we discussed the next day’s agenda and participated in evening devotional. We each look forward to what tomorrow brings.

~Crysta Cozelos

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