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Others. Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Los Robles Mountain Medical team, with the help of the FOBF staff came to Honduras to serve God by serving Others. We know this is pleasing in His sight.

Today our goal was to provide comfort and education to the hill town of Palmichales. Like other areas we have visited there is little access to healthcare and due to their cooking methods and sanitation practices, the citizens of Palmichales are prone to respiratory and stomach ailments. Hypertension and diabetes are also common and left untreated negatively affect the quality of their lives. The Friends of Barnabas address these issues by sending highly-trained medical professionals, medicine, and education.

Access to Palmichales was challenging and our team witnessed firsthand the professionalism and expertise of the FOBF staff. Due to heavy rains and an extremely steep road along with 17 WELL fed medical volunteers, the FOBF bus was unable to make the climb. With God’s grace, (and a 2-ton winch) they overcame this obstacle and delivered the gift of highly-trained medical professionals and medicine to the people of Palmichales.

We are all called to serve, but this service has many faces. God has touched us all with our own unique talents and calling. Naturally, those whose business is healthcare provide a critical service to the physical body. In addition to physical healing though, our team also provided psychological and spiritual support to help their patients take control of their lives. We thank God for the gifts He has given us to server them.

Our team is also resourceful. We performed complex medical procedures with makeshift examination rooms, duct tape, and the light of the sun. We also spread love and laughter with little more than crayons, sudsy bubbles, and snapchat animation. Much healing and love were given and received and will never be forgotten. We know this was pleasing in His sight!

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