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Team Harmony visits La Cuchilla

Thursday, September 26th, 2019

Today we went to the community of La Cuchilla with a population of 700 in 140 families. It proved to be another hot and busy day for our team. But God showed us his amazing wonder as we traveled through the mountains to His people. As we drove up the narrow gravel trail to the village, we were met by at least 50 people awaiting the start of the clinic for the day. Each of us saw something special among those who greeted us.

Susan noticed how much the children of this village loved receiving stickers. They seemed to light up with delight as their arms were covered with them. As they gave her a hug or kiss in appreciation, it truly made her feel loved.

Dr. Odom was thankful that he was able to dilate a child’s eye to assess the integrity of the boy’s optic nerve. The boy resisted and cried while the dilating drops were placed in his eyes, but when Dr. Odom used his ophthalmoscope, the child sat still and fully cooperated. He found no abnormality, which was even better.

Katey and Cathy shared a special bond with a family in the village today. Katey spent some time with the youngest daughter in fluoride and deworming while she colored a beautiful picture and the little girl didn’t want to leave. The same child that brought such delight to Katey with her captivation of the coloring book was a member of the family whom Cathy saw in her medical station. While Cathy was preparing to interview the parent regarding the family’s health status, Cathy and her interpreter Luis, got “tickled” and started laughing. Luis told the entire family in Spanish why they were laughing; the entire family began laughing heartily and when all regained their composure, got down to the business of health assessment and treatment. “A joyful heart is good medicine.” Proverbs 17:22

Two crosses were given today. Amy H. gave hers today to a precious young girl. As a group of children were gathered around a coloring book, only one sweet girl offered to read the story “God is.” She received Amy’s cross and also her heart. Katey D. also gave her cross to a quiet teenage girl who was full of laughter and was so observant of her. She braided Katey’s hair and after she was done she showed Katey her hair and hugged her without hesitation. Katey felt the love of this girl.

The day seemed long, yet the blessings were abundant.

Grace and Peace,

Amy H. and Cathy

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