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Team Harmony is in Honduras!

Monday, September 23rd, 2019

Today we visited Loma Largo, San Antonio, Cortes. We were thankful to our driver, Raul, who delivered us safely.

On Sunday the team was told to expect large numbers of community members. However, upon arrival we were surprised by the number of community members that were actually present. Sadly, we were informed that many of the community had contracted Dengue fever and were either at home sick, or hospitalized.

The theme of our mission team has been, “Small but Mighty.” The theme for this community proved to be the same, “Small but Mighty” with a huge dose of eagerness to help! Three of our team members saw God today in one of the teenage community members. Johnny is 14 years old and impressed the team with his initiative and his willingness to work hard in the extreme heat. As he worked a huge smile never left his face. It was as if God reached down and touched this young man’s heart and asked him to help the team as we were helping the community. Susan RN stated that she saw God “in the way the whole community came out to help those who helped them.” This young man also impressed another team member, Dr. Terry, who shared his cross with Johnny. Terry told Johnny “God loves you.” All of the team members who connected with Johnny, which also included Amy H. and Katey, stated it didn’t matter that they didn’t speak the same language because “love in any language comes straight from the heart.”

We were also delighted by a FOBF staff member who visited the community with our team. Danilo Muñoz has worked for FOBF for nearly 20 years as the Agricultural Programs Coordinator. He was given the opportunity to join us and jumped at the chance. Amy B. said she saw God in Don Dani’s smile as he served the community of Loma Largo.

Mallory said she saw God today as she watched Cathy RN praying over the community members who visited her medical station. Cathy shared that after she prayed over one woman, the woman then asked if she might pray over Cathy. Luis a FOBF translator kindly translated as Cathy prayed and then as the woman prayed.

A shy young seven-year-old girl visited the vision clinic with her grandmother. Sharon stated the Holy Spirit talked to her and led her to share her cross with this sweet girl. Theresa said she saw God in Sharon as she assisted Dr. Arita in the dental clinic. Theresa described Sharon as having an eager face of learning something new.

Gabriella RN saw God in two young boys, ages 9 and 12, who were so happy to provide for their family. They came to her medical clinic complaining of head and muscle aches. Upon asking many questions, Gabriella determined that the 12-year-old worked in the fields from sun-up to sun-down harvesting. His mom explained that he took a jug of water with him, but once empty, there was no place for him to refill it. His 9-year-old brother goes to school in the morning and joins him in the fields at noon. Nurse Gabby gave her famous water speech on the importance of hydration, though in her heart knew that this family was doing the best they could with the resource they have. This community’s livelihood is based on the harvest of corn and beans.


Gabby and Sharon

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