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Team Farmville visits Santa Ana

Thursday, September 5th, 2019

Today we visited Santa Ana. This community consists of 750 people, 94 families, and 90 houses. They get their water from a fountain located 25 kilometers away. We knew going into today, it would be a busy day. The members that were here for a second year were excited to return to see the community again. Returning member, Melissa, was ecstatic to see an older lady she saw last year. She showed the lady her picture, and she got so tickled that Melissa remembered her. Also, Santa Ana is a community partner with Trinity United Methodist Church.

Everyone set up and quickly began to realize that the community let their elders go first. We found it very heartwarming. The children were very well behaved and all seemed grateful for our services. Brandy, Alanna, and myself got very playful with the children afterwards and played tagged in the big yard outside the school. You could tell by the many smiles and laughs that everyone involved enjoyed it.

We saw 251 people in clinic today. All of our hearts went out to one specific little girl today. Dr. Katie treated an abscess on the girl's leg. Prior to removal, she walked into the clinic limping. She was in pain, and had not been able to treat it properly. The procedure Dr. Katie performed made a huge difference.

During devotion tonight, hearing everyone tell about their days, I really thought about how grateful we should be. Usually our daily problems and ailments go away with a doctor’s visit or two. These people don't have access to the medical help they need. Friends of Barnabas helps to bridge that gap.

~Kristen Jamerson

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