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Bethany visits El Porvenir

Thursday, August 8th, 2019

Today's devotional came from 1 Cor 12:14-17, 26-27. A group and team are different. People in a group do not know each other well enough to succeed beyond the abilities of their most gifted member. But people in a team know each other well enough that they can succeed beyond the abilities of their most gifted member.

There are two teams happening everyday here in Honduras. The first team is of course the members representing Friends of Barnabas. The second part of this team are the villages we visit. They must act like a team because the live and work together. Both of those aspects have be evident today.

As we rounded sharp turns on a narrow road, the village was tucked on each side. This particular village had the most cultivated foliage, which made it breathtaking! Teamwork started immediately as the vehicles were unloaded to prepare for today's mission.

This proved to be the largest village visit this week and also the most need. In El Porvenir, we saw many cases of chicken pox. In addition, there were skin diseases, lice, and teeth extractions. Most shocking was the malnutrition of the children and the change backwards from 6 months ago. The team work of the doctors, nurses, and volunteers was evident to help this village improve their health and overall lifestyle. The teamwork from the village is evident with wanting to be educated and standing in line for hours, in the hot sun bearing down just to be seen within each clinic. We did notice today the villagers had a buffet style lunch together today so people could eat while they were waiting.

Today all of us are doing the very same things that Jesus taught his disciples. The village of El Porvenir and Friends of Barnabas both worked together to combine different skill sets to complete tasks.

Every day, with every village, I am truly in awe of how much Friends of Barnabas and every person associated with the organization are truly changing lives. What an honor to be part of this experience!

~Bridgett Crawford

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