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Team Reveille visits Nuevo Lempira

Tuesday, July 16th 2019

This morning we enjoyed an early breakfast with all of the Honduran FOB staff members at Alfredo’s House. We learned about everyone’s role here in Honduras. It was beautiful and clear as we loaded onto the bus and made our way into the mountains. Having navigated through the steep and twisting roads of the town of Las Vegas, we arrived in the Nuevo Lempira community.

School was still in session as we began to unload and set up the stations, but we were greeted warmly by the children who were all excited to have visitors. Within an hour of us being there, the mayor of Las Vegas arrived with other officials to announce the beginning of government funded meals for school children.

The community has a population of 2,000, and we could sense their immense gratitude as they stood patiently in line, eagerly awaiting their turn with smiles on their faces. We handed out stickers and left the kids with a soccer ball which they were thrilled to have. As we left the school and headed towards the bus a group of children ran up to wish us farewell and give each member of the team a hug.

On the way back from Nuevo Lempira, the team stopped to enjoy frozen drinks at the newly opened Frank Coffee in Peña Blanca. From there, we made a brief stop at the local medical clinic that treats dozens of patients each day dealing with Dengue. FOB is supporting the clinic with supplies and feeding their staff.

Tonight we enjoyed another delicious meal and are settling in for a game of BananaGrams.

Buenos Noches from Honduras,

Charlotte MacBride

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