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Clinics at a Chicken Farm

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

We started our morning off having breakfast with all of the Honduran staff. While Pastor Michael read scripture from Luke 17:11-19, “Kingdom of God is within you; everyone is a child of God,” Dr. Arita translated. Lydia introduced the Honduran staff and then Martha introduced our team. Afterwards, we traveled to the local chicken farm in Pena Blanca where everyone enjoyed their time helping the people.

Mary Preston had a lot of children that were not enjoying having their heads measured but she cheered them up by giving temporary tattoos out to the children as well as stickers and crosses.

Courtney started her morning out by meeting a child who had Glaucoma and spent the afternoon teaching one of our guards English.

Martha found out a child was almost completely blind using the pediatric vision screener. The mother broke into tears as Martha comforted her.

Ingrid had a little girl she measured who was so hot to the touch it was obvious that she had a fever. She also met 2 little girls who touched her heart and made her think of her family.

Jenn had a 19 year old come in by herself who showed a lot of signs of being malnourished. She said all she eats are squash and rice. Since she was nervous about getting her tooth pulled Jenn walked with her to comfort her.

Robin had an awesome day. She had a lady that couldn't walk into the clinic so she went out to the truck to find she had a vascular wound on her leg and was sent to the hospital to be seen.

Stephanie let little ones listen to their heart through her stethoscope.

Mike enjoyed time spent with a little boy and also provided 6 breathing treatments.

Gabby had a child that wakes up every morning with blue lips. After having him run around, they determined he had exercise induced asthma.

Michael enjoyed watching all the different stations and the expressions on people’s faces. He also was asked by one of the translators to come and pray with a family who was having some issues within their family. He had multiple families thank us for coming to Honduras to help them.

We closed tonight with a scripture from Mark 10:17-22.

~Courtney Townsend

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