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A Busy Day in Corinto

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

Michael began our day with a devotion from Corinthians speaking about one body, many members. We saw 209 patients in general clinic today in Corinto, Meambar, Comayagua, a community that has no electricity.

We were warmly greeted with smiles and sounds of joy from the children. Our trusty bus driver, Raul, always makes sure we get safely off the bus, and a line of community members greeted us with “hola” and big smiles.

Today felt much busier for all clinics. The main ailments were children with runny noses and congestion and adults with stomach issues.

Many team members gave away their crosses. Martha gave her cross away to a 20 year old mother with a 7 year old daughter. Ingrid was touched watching another team member surrounded by children. Anne was taking pictures of little boys who posed with their muscles!

This was Robin’s third visit to this village and she was able to find Kevin who she has seen all 3 times. She is happy to be able to take the time to spend with each family and give them care.

Jenn saw a grandmother who walked 2 1/2 hours to get to the clinic to bring her granddaughter. Preston was learning Spanish from the little boys that he was teaching to play games. He gave his cross to Jose. Mary was playing with the children and learning Spanish to communicate better with them. Mary Preston was touched by the older siblings making sure that their younger siblings received a cross before they did.

Courtney gave her cross to Raul, our amazing bus driver, because both of their grandmothers died at the age of 93 and she felt a connection to him. Mike was able to give a breathing treatment to a young patient and help with blood pressure readings. Laurel gave away her cross to an 82 year old woman who wanted a cross. Stephanie was passing out stickers and loved seeing the interaction of babies with their brothers and sisters. Michael loves watching how the Hondurans take care of their children and seeing Jesus running around in the children. Tim gave away his cross to a little boy who needed one.

Gabby gave away her cross to the community’s 22 year old teacher. He was very well-spoken and we could tell by the kid’s work displayed on the wall, that he was a good teacher. He had some minor health issues so Gabby gave him her cross and let him know that God had his back and would carry him when necessary.

We know that we are making a difference in Honduras. But we know that they are also making a difference in our lives.

~Anne Van Wart & Gabby Shelden

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