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ECSC Team Visits El Sauce

Monday, May 20th, 2019

This morning we started our day with breakfast and devotion at the Barnabas House. Today’s devotion was about Fruits of the Spirit. We then headed up the mountain to El Sauce in San Luis, Santa Barbara.

Even having multiple new team members we all worked well together. We saw 155 patients. Ingrid was touched by a hug from a child which made her miss her family. Tim also missed family watching people in the dental clinic. Mary gave her cross away to a woman who befriended her, and even without knowing Spanish, communicated about her children. Robin was touched by a woman with a child with Down’s Syndrome. Jenn gave her cross to a woman who was a single mother with 3 children who put her children before herself.

Working in pharmacy Stephanie was able to do a foot dressing. Gabby cared for an 83 year old woman who missed taking her high blood pressure medicine because she didn't want to miss coming to the clinic today. Mike enjoyed watching the interactions between the nurses and their patients. Laurel took care of a 2 month old premature baby whose mother was 15. Anne assisted Dr. Arita with twin boys who wanted nothing to do with the dentist! Courtney enjoyed getting to know the Honduran staff who was helping in deworming. Mary Preston enjoyed spending time with the children blowing bubbles, painting fingernails, and giving out crosses. Martha worked with pediatric eye screening and is glad for the Honduras connection for referrals. Preston also enjoyed getting to know Honduran staff and making googly eyes at the children. Michael believes that kids are universal.

We closed tonight’s devotion asking “Who is my neighbor?”

~Courtney Townsend and Anne Van Wart

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