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"I get to....." A Day in Agua Blanquita

Breakfast was an even bigger affair than usual as the entire Honduran Team dined with us. Our seating arrangement alternated Honduran with American and it was such a treat to see God’s perfect placement of all of this wonderful talent who are so dedicated to the Friends of Barnabas mission.

After breakfast, we boarded the bus for an hour and half ride to the village of Agua Blanquita. There are 720 people in this community and 90 houses. The herds of cattle passing through did not stop the children from laughing and playing as villagers aided in unloading our supplies from the team bus prior to setup of each clinic.

Today, we saw 206 patients in the general clinic. By the end of the day we gave vitamins to 144 people, 141 de-worming pills, 40 fluoride treatments, gave 60 people glasses and 30 teeth were extracted.

It was hot today in the village so on the way back to Alfredo House, we stopped for ice cream.

Virginia and Albita continue to take great care of us—even down to doing our laundry! We arrived back to find a delicious dinner waiting followed by a devotional led by Theresa. The devotional was focused on how a small shift in our vocabulary can instantly change our attitude. Replacing the phrase “I have to” with “I get to” whenever we catch ourselves starting to complain will change our day. I think that it is important to remind ourselves that the things we do each day are not burdens, they are opportunities.

- April Barber

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