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A visit to Agua Zarca

Today was our first trip of the week to a Friends of Barnabas Community. We departed at 7:30 this morning for Agua Zarca. As our bus progressed further up the mountain on the rough and bumpy roads, the roads transitioned from gravel to dirt. It’s hard to appreciate what huge potholes and dirt paths will do for the bladder and it didn’t take long before the ladies had to use restroom. There weren’t rest stops or public restrooms along our way. So, our bus stopped at a random house and asked to use their bathroom. The family was very gracious and welcoming.

More good news is that exercise is not needed in Honduras—not according to our Fitbits! We zeroed out our Fitbits before getting on the bus. By the time we arrived at our village, we had 6,664 steps! That’s one bumpy ride!

We were welcomed at the village with smiling faces eager to help us carry our supplies and equipment inside their school to set up and start the day. We organized the clinics in a two-room school house, gifted to them by a German organization.

Once we arrived the villagers helped us unload the bus and get our various clinics set up. We operated a general medical clinic, pharmacy, dental clinic, eye clinic measuring/weighing clinic, fluoride clinic, and de-worming medicine and vitamins clinic.

It was a busy day in the clinic serving 178 children and adults. By the end of our time, we gave 37 people glasses, extracted 42 teeth, and gave vitamins to 158 people in the community. In addition, we referred 26 patients for additional care.

My favorite part of the day was playing with the children and seeing how much something as simple as taking a photo or painting their nails can mean to them. These families are so precious.

A wonderful hot meal was waiting for us when we returned. Our evening ended with a devotion by Sherri about JOY. “Jesus, others, before yourself” is a reminder to each of us how to order our life.

Your continued prayers will be key to our success this week!

- April Barber

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