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Greetings from the Danville Mountain Medical Team

Saturday, March 30th, 2019

Greetings from Honduras! After a 15-hour day of car, plane, and van travel, we’ve settled into the Alfredo house, here in Peña Blanca. The amazing staff had fresh papaya and watermelon waiting for us when we arrive and of course the best coffee ever! Today gave me many hours to think why I along with twelve other amazing volunteers left our families, friends and jobs for eight days to serve the medical and spiritual needs of the beautiful mountain families of Honduras. At 40 years old I know I’m living my life to the fullest and the life most can only dream about. Something deep inside me feels a longing to spread love and happiness to those who don’t have it. After all…. the meaning in life is to find your gift...the purpose in life is to live it away! When you go on a mission trip and see the needs and opportunities around the world, it opens your heart and you want to supply these needs. When missions move from your mind to your heart, everything changes. This week as we go to the villages to serve the poor in the mountains of Honduras. We will be tested both emotionally and physically! However, I guarantee, we will look back on our memories of this trip and all that we will remember are the many lives we touched, and families we helped!

Sunday, April 1 2019

Day two began at 12:00 am with a loud noise….a blown transformer. The adventures began with no electricity and cold showers. This did not stop Virgina and Albita from preparing a delicious breakfast thanks to our gas cooking stove.

Today was spent making memories, building relationships, eating, and figuring things out! After breakfast, we sorted items; diapers, flip flops, baby slings, soccer balls etc., to give to the people in the villages.

Next, we headed to the city for a quick stop at the grocery store. Upon leaving the store we realized our van had a flat tire. No problem because it just happens there is a tire service station right across the street.

As hard as it is to believe, with traffic delays in the village, we missed our reservation for a boat ride on Lake Yojoa, so quick change of plans had us zip lining over amazing waterfalls at Pulhapanzak.

Next, we headed back to Alfredo House for lunch and to prepare for the week. At the kitchen tables, bottles of medicines were emptied into tubs and repackaged into individual baggies. Each baggy contains a 90-day supply of vitamins for each child and for their mother.

The day ended with a delicious dinner at Golmania, followed by Susan’s great devotion reminding us why we are all here!

Tomorrow we visit our first village where we will be setting up medical stations and loving on precious children!

- April Barber

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