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Making Progress and Giving Thanks!

Journal 2

Time passes so quickly here in Honduras as we work, laugh and sometimes cry with our team members. Once again our day started with a wonderful breakfast prepared by Alba and Virginia. These ladies work tirelessly to take care of the teams. Aside from cooking all our meals, they do all the laundry, and if you have never been in Honduras all I can say is this is the blackest, stickiest dirt ever. They also clean all of our rooms, empty trash, mop floors several times a day, make beds, and clean bathrooms. Most morning their day starts at 4:00 AM and ends around 8:00 PM. All this is done with a smile on their faces.

The fence construction is moving along, today the guys put in 160 more feet of footing and started laying more block. We also finished sanding and started painting the chairs.

We also make another trip to Pena Blanca to find ingredients for our Thanksgiving feast. All I can say is that cooking Southern style in Honduras takes a lot of improvising!

Our devotions tonight were presented by staff member, Joel Chavez. He told us about how prayers were answered after he was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome as a four year old. He is an inspiration to all!!

The entire team wants to wish you all a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!


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