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Repair Team is in Honduras!

Journal 1

We had a few misshapes yesterday that needed prayer, and our prayers were answered! First David lost one of his hearing aid in the ditch that was dug for the fence, and later Frank got a piece of wood in his eye. By bed time all was well! After a good nights sleep we felt refreshed and ready to meet the day.

Day two began with Ben and staff mixing cement to pour the footing for the fence. John drove the tractor with the bucket full of cement to deliver to the fence crew, Larry, Kyle, David, and Frank. Ronnie ran back and forth helping each group and supervising!! He also ran numerous errands to town. Those of you that have been to Honduras understand that a quick trip to Pena Blanca can take hours! Hopefully he has everything he needs to fix the plumbing in the Alfredo's House. Ann and Lil sanded twenty Adirondack chairs , getting them ready to be painted.

God have been blessed us with two beautiful days, the temperatures are pleasant and the sky is slightly overcast. Please continue praying for our health and a successful trip.


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