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NICU Team is Already Seeing Results

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The greatest moment in teaching is when you can observe your student putting what he or she has learned into practice, without direction or prompting. This NICU team had many moments like that today. It lets you know that your efforts are creating results and progress.

This was our second and last day to work with the staff in the NICU as Hospital Leonardo Martinez. They are eager to improve their care, to practice what they have learned and to learn more. One nurse was observed gently holding a baby's head and bottom, as a comfort and security measure, while another newer nurse was restarting an IV. This is also a pain control measure taught during Monday's class time.

A young male nurse, who had only been able to listen to discussions during our time in the unit, was seen taking a baby out of the incubator to hold and feed the baby, where earlier in the day he had just fed the baby sitting him up in the incubator. This, again, emits comfort and security for the baby.

Another exciting thing was that the lead hospital shift supervisor heard about what our team was doing and asked to have all the shift supervisors come hear what was being taught to the NICU nurses. The more staff that understand how and why certain care measures are important, the faster change will happen, and the faster babies will improve.

Tomorrow we will begin our time at Hospital Mario Caterino Rivas. This NICU cares for the most complex cases and has a much larger census. It will be a different experience, but we are excited about the challenge. Your prayers are needed and welcome!

~Patti Wagner

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