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Team Bethany's Last Day of Clinics

Friday, October 19th 2018

We were told at the beginning of our week that “Friday will be here before you know it,” and boy were they right. It’s hard to believe that we have visited 5 different villages, and we are now preparing to journey back home.

We began our last day with an early breakfast followed by a group picture before we took off to the village of La Libertad. Much like every other day this week we were greeted by a large crowd glowing with excitement for our presence. We were told by our team leaders that today would be a short day considering the smaller size of the village. By noon we were finished with our clinics and ended the day with a duck-duck-goose game with the children and a few of our team members. This was yet another reminder, of many, that laughter is indeed a universal language.

The afternoon consisted of a few difficult goodbyes to our wonderful translators and guards, visiting a waterfall and shopping in the markets. A few of us even braved the zip line above the waterfalls. As for Molly, she unfortunately had to miss out due to being ill, but we’re confident that next year will be a different story.

It’s been a beautiful and successful week, but for myself, I will have many hours in the future continuing to process what we have seen and heard. I need time to process why those who have nothing are happy enough to act as if they have everything. I need time to process why flip flops that are 3 sizes too large seems like such a gift just to have something to walk on. Lastly, I need time to process how I can continue to look for Jesus at home in the same way I have kept my eyes open for Him here.

Speaking of processing, I will leave you with a question Sandy posed to us: Life is full of things that just ‘happen’ and you have a choice to be bitter or better because of it. There is only a one letter difference between the two words, so which letter will you chose?

~Katie Miller

I'm personally very excited to get started tomorrow, and I think everyone else feels the same. Stay tuned for more updat

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