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A Detour of Beauty

Friday, September 28th

Friday morning, our last day of clinics, after another delicious breakfast we loaded up and headed out as we did every day this week thinking we would only have an hour to ride this morning. When we turned off the main roads and headed up the mountain to our village there was a change of plans. About half way up the narrow road we had to stop and could not go any further. This caused us to have to back down a portion of the way causing a bit of nervousness among us. But Raul had the bus under complete control and once he was able to get turned around he was awarded with a round of applause. An alternate route eventually got us to our village about 30 minutes longer than we had anticipated but the beauty we saw along the way was well worth the detour.

We arrived at the village and men and children quickly began to unload the bus. There was such peace and happiness among the people here. It was a blessing to be here with them.

It was a busy day in the clinics. So many extractions in the dental clinic made for many suture kits. One poor gentleman had 14 teeth extracted. Another had a wisdom tooth removed. Cookie and Linda kept going all day.

Skip was busy with vitamins. There was always a long line at his station. Lisa was a rock star at the fluoride station. Even though the fluoride didn’t taste very good she was so good with the children she was like the “fluoride whisperer”. Phyllis loved being at the measuring station. This was a new place for her this week but a place she grew to love. Her heart is with the children. Duane and Reuben were in the eye clinic. They enjoy helping the people of Honduras see things in a way they have never seen before. Dr. Jim, Dr. Judy, Davita, Whitney, and Wendy all treated the men, women and children with all of their illnesses. So much love and compassion went into each and every patient. And I worked the pharmacy. Staying busy handing out medicines when they needed it.

So what began as a detour, turned into something wonderful. How often does that happen to us in life? We start out doing one thing and it ends up another way. God has a way of changing our plans. This is His life, not ours.

~Amy Heath

~Amy Heat

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